Membership Form

Membership Options:

Please fill out the contact information for the "head of household." Once you choose your membership level you will have the opportunity to add additional family members to your membership.
If you are purchasing a gift membership, please fill out your information as the purchaser. Once you choose one of the gift membership options, you will have the opportunity to fill out additional information for your gift membership recipient.
If you are interested in purchasing a membership for a library or corporation, please click on the "organization button" in the corner.

Please allow 2-3 for your official membership to be processed.

You have two options for gift membership delivery:
A: We can send you a membership voucher so you have something to hand to your recipient. They can activate their membership whenever they choose.
B: We can activate the membership immediately and send it directly to the recipient with a personal note from you. In this case, we will need the name of the two adults on the membership and their contact information.
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